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About Us

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Inmera stands for Independent Merchants Alliance. You can say we’ve had it with all the hidden charges and “junk fees” being leveled on merchants. We understand that by pooling together, merchants can be a force to reckon with, and that collective bargaining is the best way to bring down merchant fees to make credit processing more affordable for everyone.

Our patented product has attracted a large following of more than 35,000 satisfied customers, thanks to our commitment to transparent pricing and our ultra-low rate of just $0.03 per transaction. At Inmera we strive to cater to the more sophisticated entrepreneurs by being transparent in all aspects of our business, First Class customer support, and most of all, in our Pass Through Cost models which allow you to avoid confusion and inappropriate fees.

“Merchants who are aware of the Interchange Pass Through pricing structure understand how transparent and simple membership-based credit processing can be,” explains Stanley Pavlenko, Director of Business Development for Inmera.

Whether you’re starting a business from scratch or looking to cut down on business costs, you deserve to join the tens of thousands of intelligent merchants who have made the educated choice to go with Inmera.

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